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Interior Coaching

Enrich your life with WOHNOLOGIE® – Interior Coaching

INTERIOR COACHING is a unique new coaching concept – with a holistic approach to individual Interior Design – based on the knowledge of 4 areas of expertise (Interior Design, Colour Design, Home Staging and Coaching) and 20 years of practical experience in the field of creative Interior Design and Interior Coaching.

       Create a home with personality – express yourself within your home!

       Energize and vitalize your life through a home which suits your lifestyle, needs and desires.

       Find your own unique style & atmosphere according to your colour and material preferences:
       comfortable – pleasing – personalized

Heidrun Dörner inspires customers and students in Malaysia, Singapore and Germany with her new developed and branded Interior Coaching Concept WOHNOLOGIE®. Her German book “Die neue Kunst des Wohnens” was just launched at the German book fair in Frankfurt. The English version WOHNOLOGIE®The new art of living will come out 2013.


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Enrich your life with INTERIOR COACHING – the new art of living!