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What Customers Say / Customer Voices from Germany :

“Although I was looking forward to move into my new apartment – I soon panicked and had a feeling of being overwhelmed – how should I select from all the available products, styles and trends the ones which fit into my personal home and which would suit me and my personality. The WOHNOLOGIE® impulses helped me fast to develop an environment of my personal well-being and this happened in a simple and playful way. Instead of frustration, I now had fun – instead of feeling overwhelmed, I felt happy and exhilarated.”

“It was wonderful, how our apartment was redesigned according to our wishes and dreams. Amazing to me is and was, how many old furniture pieces could be integrated and through the new color scheme received a totally new and refreshed look. A feel-good experience all around – that already started during the coaching sessions, and accompanies me now every day, when coming home.”

“In the past I travelled quite frequently over the weekends – now I have daily this holiday experience – this regeneration oasis – at home. Through the clearly structured exercises, which are fascinatingly simple, we jointly discovered my well-being factors. Heidrun Doerner has mastered the art to create an extraordinary well-being ambience based on her unique empathy and exceptional creativity.”

“Through her clear guidance and compassionate help in my decision process – I saved much time and money. Now – mispurchases are things of the past for me!”

“Great ideas and great inspiration – I much appreciate your assistance!”


“My first introduction to Heidrun was when my colleague requested her to help propose a color concept for our new Malaysian office walls. The concept was very good as it added an energetic and warm feel to the office.  When we were reconstructing our house, Heidrun was our first choice.  She helped my wife, children and I design our house the way we would like it and would be comfortable in.  This was a very unique experience as we had always relied on designers who suggested a design.  In simple and subtle ways she guided us to find what we wanted, in terms of color choices, title choices, room layout, lighting choices, wardrobe design and more.  She is also able to make any room feel bigger and wider while creatively bringing natural light into every room.  Mostly importantly, my family now loves the home we live in and we can’t thank Heidrun enough.” Senthiyl, CEO,  Arbinger South East Asia

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