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Innovation Prize


First Prize at the Innovations-Competition of the German Plasterer Trade Confederation
on May 19th, 2004 in Friedrichshafen, Germany
with the team farbenwechsel (colourchange)- discover new rooms

Jury comments:
“colour change is a consulting concept, which gives customers the opportunity to experience future interior dreams on a large scale model. Through colour change interior design variations can be made understandable and can be felt and experienced.

Large-scale design elements give the customer a realistic impression of the later effect of material, colour or surfaces in the rooms.
The design elements are easily and inexpensively replaced. Slight adjustments according to new trends and developments are fast, inexpensive and easy to produce.

Involved in the development were plasterers, merchants, color consultants and designers. The documentation was done in an excellent manner, a positive and exemplary example of cooperation of different experts.

The marketing approach fully meets the requirements for a holistic and integrated approach. The appearance, appealing logos, professional overall presentation, an impressive written documentation as well as the involvement of the employees are exemplary.”